Churchbridge Arena Advertising

This season is going to be another very busy year in our facility and your advertising will be seen by thousands of people who visit our arena every winter. Our CanSkate club and minor hockey programs continue to be the foundation for our arena. Practices, special events, games and tournaments draw spectators from across Saskatchewan and Manitoba. There are two rec teams playing out of our facility and a number of adult rec teams are renting our ice for their games. The arena is a hub of activity from October - March and advertising at the rink gets great exposure. Listed below are the prices for advertising at the arena. Please review and let us know what form of advertising would work best for you. We will work with you to get the advertising to your liking and then we will manage the production and installation of the finished product. 3’ x 8’ Sign on arena boards: $300 4’ x 8’ Sign on arena walls: $400 2’ x 4’ Sign in arena lobby: $200 10’ x 7’ logo in-ice: $400 (This includes a one-time set up fee of $200 and the logo can be reused.) The arena plays an important role in the community of Churchbridge and all of the funds from our advertising are directed to the many projects to improve the function of our facility.