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  1. Name - The name of the association will be Churchbridge Minor Hockey Association.

  2. Objectives - To provide hockey for all children residing in Churchbridge and surrounding area to age 18

Bylaw 1


1. Membership to this association shall be available to any individual upon compliance with the Bylaws and Regulations of the SHA.


2. Fees

    a) Establish registration fees while meeting those registration requirements of the SHA.

    b) Establish fees for participation.
    c) Advertise participation fees to the membership in advance.
    d) Establish registration dates.

    e) Loss of membership due to non‐payment.

    f) Every member shall advise the association of their correct birthday, email address, telephone number and address to determine
       proper registration protocol has been followed.


Bylaw 2

1. Hold regularly scheduled meetings of the Association’s Board of Directors.
    a) Timing of meetings
    b) AGM/Board/Zone/Special
    c)  Membership involvement
    d)  Quorums at meetings
    e)  Voting at meetings
    f)  Election of Board of Directors


Bylaw 3


  1. Directors and Officers – President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Referee‐in‐Chief, Equipment Manager

  2. Duties of the Board- facilitate day to day operations of minor hockey

  3. Committees – shall be appointed annually to address; Management, Finance, Registration, Appeals, Constitution/Bylaws, Awards & Recognition

Bylaw 4
  1. a) Audit – if finances are large enough, one would be required. If not, an accountant should perform an assessment.
    b) Signing Authority- President and Treasurer. In absence of President, vice president can have signing authority with Treasurer.


Bylaw 5
  1. a) Constitution & Bylaws ‐ Motions to amend or alter the Constitution and Bylaws can only be approved at the Annual General Meeting of the association . These amendments shall require a majority of not less than 75% of the votes of the meeting, and if passed, shall take effect immediately.
    b) Rules/Regulations/Policies – The Board of Directors may amend or alter Rules, Regulations or Policies of the association for the betterment of hockey in the association and will be voted on at the annual general meeting by the membership in which time they will take effect.


Bylaw 6

Subject to Division XVII of the Non‐Profit Corporations Act, in the event of dissolution of the Association its property and assets shall, after payment of all liabilities, be donated to one or more recognized charitable organizations in Saskatchewan as may be decided by the Association in a general meeting. If not registered as a Non‐Profit Corporation, a plan should be in place to dissolve all property and assets should dissolution occur.

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